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The “ORGANic” project deals, in an ironic way, with the quite popular topic of ecology. It is a fact that human activity threatens nature and that the ruthless capitalist imperative is a serious threat to the entire ecosystem, but this project does not see the main cause of the problem only in the destruction of nature. The primary problem is reflected in social relations and class inequalities. The resources of the planet are decreasing more and more, and as it seems from today’s perspective, the benefits of nature will be available only to the rich in the future. According to Žižek[1], ordinary consumers are not the ones who destroy the environment. That is why those who are fundamentally responsible for creating a devastated and polluted world escape from all the evil they have done by living in gated communities, eating organic food, and spending vacations in nature reserves.

The progress of science and technology that brings fantastic achievements also leads us to wonder if everyone will benefit from it. The images represent genetically engineered crossbred humans, animals and plants. Over their humps, actually on the backs of these human or animal chimeras grow flowers, poppy pods, mushrooms, and even a private small forest. Animal and human bodies become soil and fertilizer for growing more and more precious plants.

Although it may seem contradictory, the accelerated destruction of nature leads to greater ecological consciousness and the development of a new posthuman perspective. This post-anthropocentric view, where humans are no longer seen as the most important beings on the planet, nor an evolutionary apex, equally respects the world of flora and fauna. People begin to move further away from their humanity which is reflected in subcultures where the role of animal is taken. Dog’s identity is the most common in these domination roleplays while in the subculture of furry fandom, people wear full-body costumes of the chosen animals while keeping their human traits. In the future, with the development of genetic engineering, furry fandom might outgrow subcultures and transform into new transgenic, posthuman species that bind people, animals and plants.

[1] Slavoj Žižek, In defense of lost things, published by Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad, 2011