Artist Statement

My narrative artwork sends messages to the viewer while leaving room for personal experience. I create conceptual and engaged art that questions the phenomena of the modern world. Personal and social issues of racial, class and gender injustices, exploitation of humans and animals, great crises and wars, the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, posthumanism, genetic engineering, social classes, economic systems inspire my work. I also draw inspiration from dreams and the world around me, including literature, mythology, modern theory, technology, popular culture and politics.

Most projects center on a specific topic through different media – painting, drawing / collage, installation, action, photography, video or 2D animation. Reality is always a little shifted in my work. Paintings and drawings are figurative, in the style of the new surrealism, modern, mythical-fairytailsh or styled after science fiction, but there is precision in terms of production, with defined figures and strong contrasts. Cool shades of green, blue or purple dominate my paintings.

Although the works are often visually appealing or sometimes witty, they are actually disturbing, subversive and intimidating. They are not made with the aim of shocking or provoking, but they often have such an effect on the observer because the focus is on unpleasant, even taboo topics. I often present my heroes as victims of the repressive system, thus expressing personal resentment and fears, but also the desire to create a better, more just world. Through my work, I try to point out the problems so that they can be recognized and put in the focus of society’s attention, after which there could be a shift in the direction of solving them.