Chimeric Trance

Chimeric Trance

Chimeric Trance

The series of paintings “Chimeric Trance” deals with the topics of social eccentricities, exploitation of Third World Countries, migrant crises, genetic modifications and abuse of animals and people.

“Clinical trial” is a socio-political painting that addresses a very sensitive topic of human and animal rights.

This painting is about the exploitation of Third World Countries, from drug testing and experiments on animals and humans, to sexual abuse. The displayed scene only hints at the dark story that is revealed in the doctor’s relationship with the patient, her frown face, and the infusion she is attached to. African countries are often victims of such activities, so the patient is a transgenic chimera, a combination of a woman and a zebra, a typical African animal.  Serbia has become a kind of white Africa during the last decades, especially after the wars of the 90s, but until today, men in power are the ones who, for profit or influence, allow insufficiently tested substances to penetrate the market of this area and thus endanger current or even change the genetic structure of future generations.

In the painting “The Perfect Soldier”, a man, an animal, a demon, is in the process of creation, while a scientist and an American general are supervising the operation. This creature created by genetic crossbreeding, was created for military purposes, but it is also a victim of the same system that produces it. The perfect soldier does not serve to protect anyone, his purpose is to kill mercilessly, but he himself has no free will; he is a puppet to be ruled.

‘’Unattainable Colorado’’ is representation of an intimate event but it also has a socio-political meaning. I met a guy, an American, and wanted to go to Colorado to visit him, but I was refused for a visa. My love story becomes political and tragic; because of my nationality, artist profession, with no permanent employment, but also the fact that I am not married and have no children, I have been marginalized and disabled to achieve a love affair. The fox-woman is inspired by the Japanese myth of Kitsune, magical foxes that can turn into human beings and create illusions. My polar fox is a transgenic creature who creates the illusion of Colorado itself, which is being “pixelate” as love becomes an internet mirage.

‘’Time for exorcism ‘’ depicts embodied dark thoughts that haunt and devour us in the eternal return of the same, and which we cannot release. They are shown through the image of a genetic crossbreed humanchimera -animal / demon growing out of the human head. The imperfection of humanity is manifested through fears, because of the unknowns and inabilities to fully grasp our existence and master life and death.

Ganesha is a Hindu deity, half human half elephant, but this Ganesha was created artificially, as suggested by hospital pajamas. Ganesha’s sad look at this picture, speaks of disappointment with the outcome, where instead of divine appearance, came to monstrosity – an elephant man.

A snail migrant, who is trying to overpass a barbed-wire wall, represents, aside from actual migrants, all of us living in a wide range of possibilities where new goals and walls that we have to cross, are constantly setting upon us. Road of the “success” goes high, above the clouds, but its end is still not visible.

The third wave of feminism has spawned a self-aware, independent woman whose sexuality has been liberated. Ruler of her own body and life, unwilling to tolerate relationships that do not suit her,  woman-cow takes only what she needs, often without emotions. In the end, just because of the previously rejected female role (which was much more willing to compromise), nowadays, too often she remains single. The displayed scene is an allusion to footages from porn sites in which a girl is the only actress. The transgenic human-cow is an association to women who have filled their bodies with silicone implants. This cow does not give milk to anyone, there is complete insignificance and darkness around her.

‘’Metamorphosis’’ depicts consummation of a fictional narcotic, with the help of which, modern man, the slave to the system, money and technology, anxious and schizoid, manages to achieve an ultimate liberation. By renouncing his humanity, he becomes unrestrained and free as a wild cat.

Different social eccentricities are skillfully hidden under the auspices of something legal; in this case, virtual reality justifies what could not be justified in reality. The VR image raises different ethical issues – from the girl on the chain to the fact that she is partly a pig. Scientists’ attempt to develop human organs within the porcine womb may have humane goals, but the ability to create human chimeras remains morally problematic.