This cannot be art

This cannot be art, 10′ 16”, 2021

A hunger Artist

”A hunger Artist’’, titled after the work by the same name by Franz Kafka, is a work that was purposely done for the exhibition ‘’Neću može hoću mora’’(‘’I don’t want may I want must’’), which alludes to Article 64a of the Law on Compulsory Social Insurance Contributions, which stipulates that local governments may but they are also not obliged to pay contributions to artists. The artist is presented here as a homeless, a beggar, a social case, a marginal person. On the canvas, he has cutlery and a bowl that looks, at the same time, like a plate and a begging bowl for collecting money. His hands also act as asking for charity.

“A Disappearing Artist” is a video work that re-examines the position of both the artist and art itself in Serbian society. A society that sees artists as idlers and losers, that does not value artistic work, is one that pushes them to the social margins, that makes them invisible and that, in many cases, forces them to give up art.

A Disappearing Artist

A Disappearing Artist, 1′ 45”, 2019