Artist Statement

My artwork is diverse in media and includes painting, drawing, photography, video and installation. Although, surreal form is present in style, the works are conceptual and engaging. My development path went from exploring my own identity, body, sexuality, gender and social roles, inner fears, moving towards works that address global issues.

Expression through various media was part of the experimental process, beginning at the Faculty in Belgrade and later in London. The urge to step out of the academic framework and need for freedom of expression led precisely to the fact that in certain media I could better implement an idea, often combining different media within a single project. In recent years, my style has become clearer and more refined, while the focus is on painting, drawing and video.

My works are always inspired by the personal, often taking roots from dreams or events in my private life; they are driven by what influences me, directly or indirectly, even when I talk about problems on a broader social scale. They are also a mix of everything I encounter: mythology, literature, contemporary theory, technology, popular culture and politics.

The hyper-consumer society produces hyper quantities of garbage, the destruction of which creates abnormal amounts of heat leading to global warming and disarrange of ecological balance. The drawing/collage series ‘’Beauty of Modified Nature’’ warns the possible consequences of egotistical, negligent attitude towards oneself and the environment, where meeting personal, immediate needs is primary, without thinking or having conscience what consequences might be tomorrow. At the same time, in addition to the environmental message that carries, each of the works deals with a particular social problem. Depicted animals represent specific groups of people, while the waste, used for collage, further clarifies the issues.

“The chimeric trance” is a series of paintings where characters are genetically modified human chimeras that symbolically represent an abused individual, victim of experiments who, under the constant pressure of success, seeks freedom, fights with his own demons or remains lonely.

The series of paintings “System Error”, using characters from popular culture, mostly music bends, deals with topics of “bugging” system, racism, class divisions, violence against children, the problem of migrant crisis, addiction, reality and social networks, consumerism and instant ‘enlightenment’.

“21st Century Notes’’ series addresses the problem of body, sexuality, plastic surgery, loss of humanity and the transition to cyborgs, androids and greedy Mickey mice. There is also a ‘living Barbie’ who feeds an African with her rib, as well as a surgeon/terrorist who puts a bomb inside the body of a woman/Earth.

Video works deal with different topics, from identity (in ‘’ Schizoid Dream of a Body’’, ‘’ Anubis’ Mummification’’, ‘’ Abject ‘’, ‘’ ID ‘’), through the theme of the war in Yugoslavia and the phenomenon of turbo folk (in ‘’ Turbo Folk Apology ‘’), rethinking of standard gender roles and patriarchy (in the video works ‘’ Cat-Woman’’ and ‘’On the Road to Matrimony’’), over the topic of violence against women (in ‘’Perfect Woman ‘’ and ‘’Coping with Hysteria’’), critiques of the system and matrix reality (in ‘’Politically Correct Potion of Freedom’’ and ‘’Shutting Down’’), to the issue of artist rights (in ‘’Artist in Disappearance’’).

I have no direct artistic role models in my work, and my enthusiasm for different artists has changed over time from Max Ernst and Joel-Peter Witkin to Cindy Sherman and Orlan, the Chepman brothers, Jane Alexander, Bjorn Melhus, Grayson Perry, Kara Walker Reaffirms … My poetics can be mostly connected to artists who express clear views and have a strong visual expression.

As my works are narrative, they always send a message to the viewer, also leaving space for personal experience. While many of them draw glimpses of defined figures and stark contrasts, with a certain amount of appealing look and humor, they are actually disturbing, subversive, sometimes even frightening. What they have in common is dealing with uncomfortable topics, often overlooked by the general public.

For my point of view, nowadays task for art is to wake up the observer, shove him from the lethargy and launch him emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically. As an artist who creates in the 21st century, I cannot remain indifferent to social events, various racial, class or gender injustices, exploitation of humans and animals, crises and wars. Often presenting my heroes as the victims of the oppressive system, I express my personal resentment and fears, but also my desire to create a better, fairer world. I believe that the role of artist in society has always been important, because through the artistic, rather than through the documentary form, the truth can be more easily perceived and accepted. Through my work, I try to point out problems, in order to be recognized and brought into the focus of society’s attention, after which there may be some progress towards solving them. I believe that my work will continue to go in that direction.