Artist’s statement

Several topics could be found in my artwork, whether they are expressed in the form of video, photograph, painting, drawing or installation.

The obsession with mannequins initiated a series of questions that refers to body, sexuality, identity, their fluidity, sex and gender roles; the question of social status on one hand and style on the other (“Glamurous prosthesis“). Soon after, to the mannequins have been added masks, artificial parts of human body, prosthesis (“Josephine & Lilly”). In these works exists a subversive note which breaks the rigid identity framework, disturbing the norms and social order. Subsequently, the masks have been replaced by wigs, theatre make-up, costumes that create some new characters of vampires, cyborgs, Marie Antoinette. She is a symbol of overabundance of rococo period as well as of the postconsumer society of the 21st century. The human attachments in the following works become alive or at least, they are a step closer to the “real”. Plastic turns into bloody, animal flesh or torn organs, bones. However, this reality of matter leads towards occult, into magical rituals that defy rational. Mystery and magic are a kind of revolt against institutions of power or dominant political regimes. According to Mirchae Eliade, writers and artists of the 19th and early 20th century, followers of the avant-garde movement “used occultism as a strong tool of rebellion against the civil order and its ideology” (Mirchae Eliade, Occultism, magic and fashionable cultures, Essays from the field of comparative religion, 1983, p.80). They refused ethics and aesthetics, to be more precise, Judeo-Christian merits and classical and renaissance ideals. They turned towards the “primordial”, exploring the oldest arts and philosophies, alchemy and sub consciousness. Sticky meat and twisted inwards, through the topic of “abject”, return to the identity issue. Here is questioned a conflict between feeling of coziness without an identity on one hand, and on the other, assumption of responsibility, acceptance of the social order, laws and norms. Personal sense of social pressure, imposition of rules and existence in the system, has been articulated in the work “Anubis’ mummification”. Prosthesis outgrow into hospitals, hospitals into asylums, these into institutions of power that define a level of “healthy” society. According to Deleuze and Guattari (Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, capitalism and schizophrenia, 1990), capitalism produces desire and provokes schizophrenia. This extreme mental state, psychosis, co-exists with the capitalist system and it is maintained by it as a state of “normality”. Actually, schizophrenia, as dispersion of a personality, is a sort of catharsis and release from the repression.

Woman role, as always the other, marginalized, inside family and wider social community, appears as a theme on my photographs, paintings and videos. Patriarchal model which determines woman position, limits her freedom, also assigns the roles of housewife or sexual object (S&M housewife, Road to marriage). Through the history, woman was victim in male-female relationship, while today, under the illusion of achieved rights, she still remains the object which is modified in order to satisfy male gaze. She becomes the victim of plastic surgery, anorexia or some other psychical or physical torture ( Cat-Woman).

Growing in a totalitarian regime, has given, long ago, an impulse to my artwork to develop into direction of engaged art (“Turbo Folk Apologia“). Yet, it is not always directly involved into politics and does not deal with particular occurrences, but rather, in more or less circuitous way, talks about current political events at global level.

By the narrative, as well as by the aesthetics, it cannot be classified as any strictly determinate „ism“. It represents the symbiosis of frustrations, phantasms and personal desires within the form of engaged art. Often with humor or irony, it is a kind of postmodern eclectic art that deals with issues from social environment and depths of unconsciousness.